“EP vote on NGO funding to increase migration”

“The European Parliament’s fresh decision to increase funding for ‘Soros groups’ once again makes it clear that George Soros is practically dictating Brussels’ migration policy,” ruling Fidesz’s communications chief said on Thursday. The EP’s proposal about suspending EU funds was heavily criticised by the Fidesz and hailed by left-liberal opposition MEPs. Continue reading ““EP vote on NGO funding to increase migration””

“Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot”

Desperate and brutal election campaign is expected in Hungary. The biggest opposition party Jobbik accuses the government of influencing the State Audit Office’s investigation, what would fine the party 662 million forints, making it uncertain whether the party can run in the elections at all. Other opposition parties consider the investigation’s result as part of dismantling democracy, and suspect the government is behind it. Continue reading ““Listen Viktor, you corrupt despot””