Govt announces “Stop Soros” package

The government has adopted a draft package called “Stop Soros”, under which “promoters of illegal migration” would be required to share data with the authorities, and would have to pay a 25 percent tax on donations from abroad, Interior Minister Sandor Pinter announced on Wednesday. Opposition parties are heavily criticising the announcements and the government’s inability to explain the “secret resettlement” of migrants. Continue reading “Govt announces “Stop Soros” package”

Orban govt’s decision to welcome migrants causes internal political uproar

It caused an uproar in Hungarian internal politics, that despite its several months-long government communication, Hungary accepted 1300 refugees. Kristof Altusz, the Deputy State Secretary for European and American Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spoke about it a few days ago. Jobbik would call an extraordinary session of the parliament because according to the party Fidesz deceived the country and its voters too. Continue reading “Orban govt’s decision to welcome migrants causes internal political uproar”