Orban govt’s decision to welcome migrants causes internal political uproar

It caused an uproar in Hungarian internal politics, that despite its several months-long government communication, Hungary accepted 1300 refugees. Kristof Altusz, the Deputy State Secretary for European and American Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade spoke about it a few days ago. Jobbik would call an extraordinary session of the parliament because according to the party Fidesz deceived the country and its voters too. Continue reading “Orban govt’s decision to welcome migrants causes internal political uproar”

Szijjarto: We are strong when we are united

According to the minister of foreign affairs and trade, the year has barely started, but one can already conclude that “we are facing extraordinary times”. “In these extraordinary times we need the strength, bravery and especially the unity which characterises us, Hungarians”, Peter Szijjarto told Hungarian news agency MTI on Sunday. Continue reading “Szijjarto: We are strong when we are united”

Domotor denounces witch-hunt against Poland

The mandatory relocation quota will be on the agenda of the next Euroepean Council meeting, Csaba Domotor, Parliamentary State Secretary of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister told Magyar Hirlap. According to the Fidesz politician Hungarian ministries are already analysing how to protect the country from the “Soros plan” which includes relocation too. Continue reading “Domotor denounces witch-hunt against Poland”