Govt submits child protection referendum bid

The government has decided to initiate a referendum on child protection, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. “Brussels has attacked Hungary” over the country’s child protection law banning “sexual propaganda” in schools and the media, he said. Brussels now “demands changes to the education law and child protection regulations”, the prime minister said in a video posted on Facebook, adding that “they complain that we do … Continue reading Govt submits child protection referendum bid

Orban: Unity in diversity

“If we want to keep the European Union together, liberals must respect the rights of non-liberals,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban writes in his 11th “Samisdat”. Here is the full text of the article, which was published on his website. At the last European Council meeting, the rainbow-flagged prime ministers paraded in a phalanx. They wanted to clarify matters: Does the unity of values still … Continue reading Orban: Unity in diversity

„EU hostage to ideological debates”

The European Union has become hostage to ideological debates, Hungary’s justice minister said. Judit Varga said on Facebook in an English-language post that on the agenda of a General Affairs Council meeting, “the last point is once again Europe’s sick, tired political stick, aka the Article 7 procedure”. “The series of blackmailing with the rule of law could not be more relevant now, at the … Continue reading „EU hostage to ideological debates”

Szijjarto: Article 7 procedure is political blackmail

The procedure launched against Hungary under Article 7 of the EU Treaty has nothing to do with facts; it is rather meant to be applied as a means of political blackmail, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjarto said in a meeting of his European Union counterparts in Luxembourg. Szijjarto spoke before the hearings the EU General Affairs Council is set to hold on Tuesday, as part of … Continue reading Szijjarto: Article 7 procedure is political blackmail

Govt rejects criticism of anti-paedophilia bill

This week, Hungary’s parliament passed a new law which will create a register of paedophile offenders while preventing them from working in contexts involving children, About Hungary reported. Politicians of the ruling Fidesz-KDNP alliance and of opposition party Jobbik voted for the bill, while most of the opposition parties boycotted the vote. An electronic searchable database will contain names in the register for parents and … Continue reading Govt rejects criticism of anti-paedophilia bill