Orban’s party controls the left-wing opposition?

The left-wing opposition is in a deepening crisis. The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) is in decline since the change of government in 2010. It’s not able to form a cohesion on the left anymore, but they are constantly negotiating and arguing with the other small left-wing parties. This is why Jobbik, which is in progress of becoming a people’s party, is an alternative for left-wing voters too. Continue reading “Orban’s party controls the left-wing opposition?”

Gyurcsany to top DK’s own list

In the wake of pleas by other left-liberal opposition parties to form broad scale cooperation ahead of the 2018 general election, the Democratic Coalition spokesman reaffirmed the party’s stance that its leader, Ferenc Gyurcsany, would top a stand-alone national list but that they would be open to strategic withdrawal deals in individual constituencies to maximise the opposition side’s chances of winning. Continue reading “Gyurcsany to top DK’s own list”