“We must take a stand for traditional values”

Hungary’s speaker of parliament, Laszlo Kover, addressed a meeting organised by the European People’s Party on Friday. “We must take a stand for our traditional values and strengthen traditional communities, while building proud and sovereign nations based on a Europe built on cooperation.” – he stressed. At the opening of the meeting of EPP group’s European Committee of Regions, convened to discuss demographic changes and … Continue reading “We must take a stand for traditional values”

Viktor Orban: We should restore Europe’s security

Prime Minister Viktor Orban sent a telegram of condolence to Mariano Rajoy, his Spanish counterpart, the PM’s press chief said. Orban said he was “shocked” to hear of the attack and expressed his sympathy on behalf of the Hungarian people to the families of the victims and wished those injured in the attack a speedy recovery. Continue reading “Viktor Orban: We should restore Europe’s security”

Kover opens Hungarian festival

Hungarian Speaker of Parliament Laszlo Kover attended the opening gala of the Kolozsvar Hungarian Days in Cluj, in western Romania, on Monday. In his opening speech the speaker said: “The ultimate winners will always be those with the stronger identity and faith rather than those with stronger weapons or louder lies”. Central and eastern Europe and the Carpathian Basin can become a driving force of … Continue reading Kover opens Hungarian festival