“EP vote on NGO funding to increase migration”

“The European Parliament’s fresh decision to increase funding for ‘Soros groups’ once again makes it clear that George Soros is practically dictating Brussels’ migration policy,” ruling Fidesz’s communications chief said on Thursday. The EP’s proposal about suspending EU funds was heavily criticised by the Fidesz and hailed by left-liberal opposition MEPs. Continue reading ““EP vote on NGO funding to increase migration””

Sargentini report: Campaign start for Orban, burden for the opposition

The so-called Sargentini report, which will be debated by the European Parliament’s plenary on September 11, seems to be a difficult puzzle for the Hungarian opposition parties, according to opposition news site Alfahir.hu. The plenary votes about the report, which threatens with stripping Hungary of its voting rights, on the next day. According to Alfahir.hu it’s not too likely, but the report is still a start of Orban’s campaign for the European elections in 2019. Continue reading “Sargentini report: Campaign start for Orban, burden for the opposition”

Tajani is not “summoning” the Hungarian ambassador

The cabinet chief of the European Parliament’s President, Antonio Tajani will speak by phone with Hungary’s ambassador to the EU about the Hungarian government’s national consultation on the “Soros plan”, and Tajani himself will speak to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban next week, at the Social Summit in Gothenburg – an EP spokesperson told Hungarian news agency MTI on Wednesday evening.

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