Merkel unlikely to complete her term

The conflict between Fidesz and the European People’s Party (EPP) is almost a tragedy, Werner J. Patzelt, campaign manager of the CDU in Saxony, political science professor at Technische Universitat Dresden, told Magyar Hírlap, adding that it’s very important for non-leftist parties to stay together, despite the pressure of the left-wing media and parties. Continue reading “Merkel unlikely to complete her term”

Jobbik protests move to Budapest by Russian bank

Citing a threat to national security, the opposition Jobbik party is protesting against plans to move the Russia-based International Investment Bank’s (IIB) headquarters to Budapest, saying that Russia would be setting up a “nest of spies” in the country with support of Hungary’s prime minister and government. Continue reading “Jobbik protests move to Budapest by Russian bank”