Bannon: Orban was Trump before Trump

Freedom is under threat today as globalisation and the business interests behind it have declared war on the community, resulting in a “tough cultural war”, Gergely Gulyas, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, said late on Wednesday. Stephen K. Bannon, U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign chief, chief strategist and former senior counselor at the White House also addressed the V4 international conference entitled “Future of Europe”. Continue reading “Bannon: Orban was Trump before Trump”

Wilders: I’m neither the Dutch Orban, nor the Dutch Trump

He thinks Hungary’s prime minister is the man of the year, though they don’t agree on everything. The Dutch Party of Freedom’s (PVV) chairman, Geert Wilders told Hungarian weekly Hetek that one has to stand up to protect the European societies and their Judeo-Christian fundamentals, despite the Islamic threats. Continue reading “Wilders: I’m neither the Dutch Orban, nor the Dutch Trump”

Gorka’s arrest warrant: Hollik blames the US

Hungary’s government considered Donald Trump’s Hungarian-born advisor an opportunity to bring information to the president. If someone made a mistake, then it was the US, as those who work near the president have been screened a thousand times, and they didn’t find anything wrong with employing Sebastian Gorka, Christian Democrat MP Istvan Hollik said, speaking at a press conference on another topic. Continue reading “Gorka’s arrest warrant: Hollik blames the US”