US ambassador praises Orban’s govt

In an interview with Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, US Ambassador David Cornstein recalled that the Obama administration was openly criticising the Orban government in Hungary, instead of seeking dialogue. The ambassador – a friend of President Donald Trump – stressed that according to his experiences in the world of business, dialogue brings better results, so he came here to work with the Hungarian government. Continue reading “US ambassador praises Orban’s govt”

US ambassador sees no violation of freedom rights in Hungary

David B. Cornstein, the United States’ ambassador to Hungary, said he has not experienced any infringement on freedom rights in Hungary and should the case be the opposite, he would certainly speak out against that, in an interview published by Jewish political and cultural magazine Szombat (Shabbat) on Thursday. Continue reading “US ambassador sees no violation of freedom rights in Hungary”

“America first, regardless of Soros”

It is not a stretch to say that bilateral relations between Hungary and the United States could be expected to undergo a genuine revival in the coming period, the foreign minister said on Tuesday, marking Fourth of July, in Budapest. Days before, the new US ambassador paid his first visit the Central European University – but what does this mean? Continue reading ““America first, regardless of Soros””