Fidesz: Wikström report extremely dangerous

“Now we see the scope of the Soros network’s influence in Brussels”, Balazs Hidveghi, communications director of Fidesz said after a broad majority of MEPs endorsed the European Parliament’s mandate to start talks on revamping the Dublin system, drawn up by the LIBE committee, in a vote on Thursday (390 to 175, with 44 abstentions). The Parliament can now begin talks with the Council. Continue reading “Fidesz: Wikström report extremely dangerous”

Fidesz politicians warn of foreign intervention

According to the prime minister, the most important stake of the upcoming parliamentary elections is whether they can protect the fence and the achievements of the past seven years, the Minister heading the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, Antal Rogan told journalists on Sunday after Viktor Orban’s speech in at the Kötcse civic picnic. Continue reading “Fidesz politicians warn of foreign intervention”