Orban prepares for battle with Germany

In his new Samisdat article, Hungary’s Prime Minister says goodbye to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Read the full article here! On December 8th, Angela Merkel leaves the German Chancellorship. A piece of the life of Central Europeans will go with her. We understood her, she understood us. Soviet invasion, communist dictatorship, resistance and people’s movements in 1988-89, victory, freedom, reunification and the founder of the … Continue reading Orban prepares for battle with Germany

Govt to start new national consultation

The government has clear positions on the issues that sparked heated public debates over the past few months but seeks strong backing from society to represent them in the international arena and at home, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday commenting on an upcoming “national consultation” survey. Gergely Gulyas cited the examples of compensation payments to Roma in Gyongyospata, a procedure … Continue reading Govt to start new national consultation

Merkel unlikely to complete her term

The conflict between Fidesz and the European People’s Party (EPP) is almost a tragedy, Werner J. Patzelt, campaign manager of the CDU in Saxony, political science professor at Technische Universitat Dresden, told Magyar Hírlap, adding that it’s very important for non-leftist parties to stay together, despite the pressure of the left-wing media and parties. Continue reading “Merkel unlikely to complete her term”