Hungary, Poland fight EU in court

The judicial proceeding of the Hungarian and Polish action on the so-called Conditionality Regulation began at the Court of Justice of the European Union on Monday.

“The Court has to find an answer to one of the most important and complex legal questions in the history of the EU in just a few months,” Justice Minister Judit Varga noted in a Facebook post. “The Conditionality Regulation has several serious deficiencies and remains incompatible with EU law. Its legal basis is incorrect, it circumvents the EU Treaties and blatantly violates the basic requirements of the rule of law, in particular the principles of legal certainty and the ‘clarity of norms’ doctrine,” she stressed.

According to the minister, “the EU’s rule of law procedures have become ideology-based political witch-hunts, thus dividing the member states”. “They created unilateral accusations instead of dialogue, unresolvable conflicts instead of mutual understanding, and have become a tool for political self-interest instead of a democratic exchange of views”, she wrote.

“Rule of law cannot be defended by means that do not themselves meet the basic requirements of rule of law. We hope that the Court of Justice of the European Union makes that clear in its proceedings and annul the Regulation,” Varga concluded.

Source & photo: Facebook

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