Hungary supports Poland

By its decision on Tuesday, the European Commission launched a brutal attack on Poland, interfering in the judicial and legislative process of a sovereign Member State in an unprecedented way. The procedure is not only outrageous but also completely unacceptable,” Hungary’s Justice Minister Judit Varga stressed in her Facebook post on Wednesday evening.

According to Varga, “Warsaw has indicated to the Commission in good faith and by believing in the loyal cooperation that it intends to suspend the contested provision on the functioning of the Disciplinary Chamber of the Polish Supreme Court in accordance with the European Court of Justice’s summer ruling”. “The Commission, on the other hand, disregarded Poland’s promise while, by wrongly calling into question the commitment of the Polish government, it initiated the imposition of coercive financial penalties,” she noted.

“By this scandalous and arrogant move, the Commission has crossed a line that we previously thought it would never do”, Varga stressed, adding that Hungary’s government broadly endorses Poland and shows solidarity. The justice minister announced that the government will examine how this Hungarian support for Warsaw can be involved in the proceedings of the European Court of Justice. She wrote that at Wednesday’s meeting “the government decided to stand up for Poland in a government decision and condemn the indecent attacks of Brussels”. ” In no Member State can the national administration of justice fall victim to the empire-building in Brussels,” she added.

Source and photo: Facebook

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