Hungarian V4 presidency start

The Hungarian presidency of the Visegrad Group will promote the member countries’ efforts to become winners of global economic changes, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in Katowice on Wednesday.

Orban told a press conference marking the end of the Polish presidency of the V4 that the Hungarian presidency, to start on July 1, will help the Visegrad Group members (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia) restart their economies through boosting investments. As taxes need to be kept low to attract investments, Hungary does not support international initiatives for tax hikes, the prime minister added.

Orban named security as another important aim, adding that this was tightly connected to migration. Hungary does not support the mandatory distribution of migrants, the prime minister said, adding that migration posed an especially great risk in the current health situation.

Further, Hungary advocates the soonest possible European integration of Western Balkans countries, the prime minister said.

Orban stressed the need of a restart in intellectual terms as well. He said the Visegrad Group countries, both individually and as a group, will participate in the debates about the EU’s future.

The prime minister congratulated Poland on its performance as V4 president in what he called the most difficult year of recent decades. 

Source and photo: MTI

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