„EU hostage to ideological debates”

The European Union has become hostage to ideological debates, Hungary’s justice minister said. Judit Varga said on Facebook in an English-language post that on the agenda of a General Affairs Council meeting, “the last point is once again Europe’s sick, tired political stick, aka the Article 7 procedure”.

The series of blackmailing with the rule of law could not be more relevant now, at the beginning of the Conference on the Future of the European Union, another key topic today.” she added. She said “the international hate campaign launched against Hungary for the recently adopted anti-paedophile law” was a good example. “While we protect the fundamental rights of children, parents and families, the lie factory of the European liberal steamroller is once again trying to bring our country into disrepute and calling for international intervention,” she added.

Varga said she was in Luxembourg “to repel all unfounded attacks and protect the honour of our country”. “It is a sad fact that in Europe, law and the rule of law mean no longer a barrier to political action, but a tool of political will and ideological blackmailing,” she said. “We want a Europe where there are no sanction mechanisms and stigmatisation only because the Member States have different ideological and cultural views. We believe that the future of Europe lies in strong, sovereign nations built of organic communities,” she added.

A “global fake news campaign” has been launched around Hungary’s recent anti-paedophile law to “mislead the general public”, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in Luxembourg. He told Hungarian reporters that critics of the contested law have “formed their opinion based on that campaign”. The law does not discriminate against any social group, it is “about just one thing: protecting Hungarian children”, he insisted.

Meanwhile, the Hungarian foreign ministry has said that a recent statement by the British Embassy in Budapest “shows a complete lack of information” and was written based on “malevolent misinterpretation and false news”. Hungary’s recent paedophile legislation is “aimed at protecting children” and to ensure “parents’ exclusive right to provide education to their children concerning sexual orientation”, the statement said. The law is not aimed against any community and “does not concern the sexual orientation of adults”, the ministry insisted.

Source: MTI
Photo: Facebook

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