Varga holds talks with Reynders

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga attended the meeting of the General Affairs Council in Brussels on Tuesday and held a bilateral meeting with Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders.

According to Varga’s Facebook post, topics such as the EU vaccination process and the issue of overhead reduction have been raised at the meeting.

„The Hungarian government insists on the fact that vaccination can’t be a political issue, hence we have rejected all politically motivated attacks on effective and safe vaccines,” she stressed. „We were confident that the key to saving most lives is to do everything we can to make as many vaccines available as possible. When human lives are in danger, we cannot afford the luxury of choosing among vaccines simply on a political basis,” the minister wrote. Varga reminded that „Hungary is now the first country in Europe in terms of vaccination coverage. We have vaccines, we are able to vaccinate everyone, and now the goal is to reach 5 million vaccinated people as soon as possible”.

„Meanwhile, we have also made clear that we do not support any initiative that would increase household energy prices. We will protect the overhead reduction,” she added.

Regarding the meeting with Reynders, Varga wrote that she was „pleased to finally meet Him personally and share our concerns about the last Rule of Law Report, which unfoundedly criticised Hungary”. „Back in April, the Commission promised that this year’s report would measure all Member States on an equal standard, including positive developments in the Member States as well. We still expect the 2021 Rule of Law Report to be impartial, based on real facts, hence including the Hungarian government’s standpoint too,” she reminded.

„The Hungarian government will always remain open to dialogue in order to develop an honest and mutually respectful discussion, instead of providing unilateral and misleading information,” the minister added.

Source: Facebook
Photo: European Commission

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