Momentum chairman threatens journalists

The head of Fidesz’s EP delegation, Tamas Deutsch urged Dacian Ciolos, president of the Renew group to react to statements by the chairman of their Hungarian member party, Momentum.

Deutsch reminded that Andras Fekete-Gyor made the following remarks in a video:

„I believe, and in this respect I am more radical than the majority, that those propagandists, and I mean propagandists that work for TV2 or Origo, who deliberately defame others and deliberately spread false and untrue facts, that I would temporarily ban them from exercising their profession.”

„We find it absolutely unacceptable that the president of a political party openly threatens journalists for holding a different opinion. Mr. Fekete-Gyor’s statement does not only contradict the principles of democracy but evokes the darkest period of communist dictatorship,” Deutsch wrote.

„The Renew Group, which so fiercely defends press freedom at other times, cannot remain silent. I hereby call upon the leadership of the Group to express their solidarity with Hungarian journalists and condemn the intolerant and undemocratic statement by Mr. Fekete-Gyor,” he added.

Source: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

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