Orban proposes looser form of cooperation to Weber

In a letter to EPP group leader Manfred Weber, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban proposed „a looser form of cooperation” between the MEPs of the Fidesz delegation and the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

„Our membership in the EPP has been consensually suspended and this defines the actual relationship between our parties. However, the ways this would alter our cooperation in the European Parliament at the Group level was never thoroughly discussed,” Orban writes in a letter obtained by Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet.

„To resolve this discrepancy I would like to put forward a proposal that would allow us to avoid future conflicts of views, interests and communication problems. (…) I propose to set up a new form of cooperation, similar to the former EPP-ED model. It would allow for Fidesz MEPs to remain in the Group but in a looser form of cooperation,” he explains.

Source: Magyar Nemzet

The EPP-ED group was formed in 1999 and when the group of European Democrats – mainly the British tories – joined the EPP.

The EPP Group’s spokesman, Pedro Lopez de Pablo confirmed to Hungarian news site Telex that they have received the letter. He wrote that they have to ask Orban himself regarding what he intends to achieve with his proposal.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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