Morawiecki: We fight side by side with Hungary

The Polish-Hungarian cooperation at the recent EU summit was highly effective, according to Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. In an interview with Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap, he spoke about his government’s commitment towards conservative values too.

“Our friendship is not only a 1000-years-long historical relationship, it’s full of solidarity and moments of fighting side by side”, he said. “With Viktor Orban we fought out enormous funds for our economies and together we stopped the pressure regarding the rule of law,” Morawiecki added.

According to Morawiecki, Hungary’s and Poland’s fight against communism which was forced upon them, showed them how dangerous and destructive “social planned economy” can be. He said both countries are sensitive to ideological revolutions and understand the importance of traditional institutions such as the family.

“We want to work together with Hungary and the whole region to make sure that families can feel safe. It’s possible because our policies are based on Christian values which are not only the foundation of European identity but also give a cultural foundation and dignity to non-believers,”

he explained.

“When monuments are being destroyed in the USA and certain countries of Western Europe, (…) we must respect our values and make sure that Central Europe remains an oasis of common sense and peace”,

Morawiecki concluded.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: European Council

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