Varga warns of double standards

“In this polarized era, it seems the truth matters little if it is inconvenient for the purposes of pushing a political agenda,” Justice Minister Judit Varga wrote in an article published on Euractiv.

“In the wake of Hungary’s successful fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the lifting of its state of danger, one hoped that the moment of truth had finally arrived – what had become an unprecedented level of criticism directed at Hungary would end and those who made such outrageous claims about the country might take a moment for self-reflection,” she wrote.

“For the foreseeable future, whatever the Hungarian government does, it will remain a target for these politically motivated attacks, charges that we have somehow violated the rule of law. That should concern us all. While the past few months have singled out Hungary, any Member State could one day become a target,” Varga warned.

According to the justice minister, Europe today needs cooperation, cooperation among partners who work to uphold and work toward the truth – a truth that works towards a harmonious, sustainable community that ensures that the rules and laws governing us are equally applied to all. “This is a future to which Hungary is prepared to contribute”, she added.

Source: Euractiv
Photo: Facebook

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