Special legal order to end on 20 June

Parliament could vote for lifting the state of danger and special legal order introduced due to the coronavirus epidemic within two weeks, the Parliamentary and Strategic State Secretary at the Prime Minister’s Office announced at a press conference held on Tuesday in Budapest.

Balazs Orban said at its Monday cabinet meeting, the government decided to submit bills to Parliament which – if voted for by Members of Parliament – will result in the cessation of the state of danger declared due to the coronavirus epidemic and will end the term of the special legal order.

According to his information, one of the two bills provides for the repealing of the law on the fight against the coronavirus and the lifting of the state of danger, while the other one lays down the related transitional rules. According to their plans, Parliament could decide on the bills within two weeks, and so the state of danger and the special legal order could come to an end in mid-June, the State Secretary pointed out. Also on Tuesday, Justice Minister Judit Varga wrote in a Facebook post that the special legal order will most probably end on 20 June.

Regarding the planned transitional rules, he said the Operational Group will remain in place and will supervise the preparations for a possible second wave of the epidemic, while the extension of health insurance and family support allowances will last until 1 July. The end of free parking on public premises and the tax benefits offered for the duration of the state of danger is also 1 July, he added.

The credit debt amortisation moratorium will remain in effect until 31 December, while the system of hospital commanders will be retained. The ban on travel abroad for state employees, including police officers, soldiers and state-sector workers will be lifted with the entry into force of the legislation, while the raising of the limit of contactless payment with bank cards to HUF 15,000 will remain in effect, he listed.

In her Facebook post, Varga wrote that “with the adoption of the act the state of danger is expected to end on June 20 in Hungary, much earlier than in many European countries. In the second phase of defense, we need to focus on retaining jobs, creating new ones and relaunching the economy.”

“Not a single Hungarian is alone. We will succeed together!”

She reminded that “Hungary performed well internationally and also completed successfully the first phase of defense. This is due to the fact that the introduction of the special legal order allowed the Government to act quickly and effectively against the pandemic. In recent months, the Hungarian Government has been attacked with baseless allegations, but the misleading information about us has proved to be false again. We are not naive, we know where the wind is blowing from. However, we expect those who have attacked us with unjust political accusations to apologize for leading a slander campaign instead of cooperating in defense”. 

Source: Kormany.hu, Facebook.com
Photo: Kormany.hu

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