Orban wrote a letter to EPP party presidents

In a letter to fellow presidents of EPP member parties, Hungary’s prime minister Viktor Orban wrote about the “political attacks of recent weeks against Hungary”.

“In recent weeks, we have witnessed an unprecedented attack and disinformation campaign against Hungary”, Orban wrote, adding that “at a time when we are concentrating on meeting the challenges of the coronavirus epidemic worldwide, when human lives are at stake, a coordinated attack was launched against us – with no genuine basis”. 

“Me and my country had been attacked unjustly and based on biased ideological propaganda already before but this one was the most cruel and cynical one I have ever experienced because it deliberately disregarded that the government which was targeted was desperately fighting for saving human lives”, the prime minister wrote.

According to Orban, the “propaganda” claimed that “the Hungarian Parliament had been closed, although it has been continuously in session and provides a venue for heated debates” and that he had gained unlimited power, but “the authority of the Parliament was extended to the detriment of powers of the Government”. “The competence to terminate the state of danger or any decree taken by Government was handed over to the Parliament”, he explained.

He called it “worrying” that EPP politicians “have been actively involved in spreading fake news”. Orban reminded that the European Commission “stated several times that the Hungarian law that regulates the extraordinary powers of the Government does not violate EU law”.

“I am grateful to our true allies, who despite the pressure put on them remained loyal to the truth and stood with us. From those who have engaged themselves in spreading disinformation, whether it was unknowingly or on purpose, I expect an apology on behalf of Hungarians and that they draw the proper conclusion from their actions,”

Orban wrote.

“We should not let our political opposition to monopolize the principle of rule of law and to degrade this value shared by all of us to a party-political instrument. Soon we should decide whether we are letting ourselves be divided and weakened further or we stand united and continue as the leading conservative driving force in European politics,”

he added.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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