Over 400 infections in Hungary

The number of people confirmed to be infected with novel coronavirus in Hungary has grown to 408, with more Hungarian citizens having tested positive, and two more patients have died, the government website koronavirus.gov.hu said on Sunday. So far, thirteen people have died from the virus, the website said.

Of the 408 confirmed cases in the country, 10 are Iranian, 2 are British, one is Kazakh, another Vietnamese, and the remaining 394 are Hungarian, the website added. The number of people confirmed as having recovered from the virus has remained unchanged from Friday at 34, it said. Altogether 71 people are in quarantine in hospital and a total of 12,148 test samples have been taken.

The epidemic in Hungary is at the stage of group infections spread in communities, the website said. Infected people can be found everywhere in the country and anyone could be already infected, it added.

The website said the real number of infected people who can spread the virus is significantly higher than the number of those already identified. In order to slow down mass infections, it is important that the elderly, students, people returning from abroad and everyone who can should stay at home, obey the regulations and recommendations and respect the new restrictions that came in force on Saturday, it added.

Hospital commanders get commissioning letters

The first hospital commanders – uniformed people who will make it easier for health-care workers to do their jobs – were issued their commissioning letters on Sunday afternoon, Tibor Lakatos, who heads the operations centre of the operative board, which is coordinating Hungary’s efforts to contain the novel coronavirus, said at an online press conference on Sunday.

The commanders will be tasked with managing hospitals’ inventories, facilitating the flow of information and ensuring the security of hospital premises, Lakatos said. They will take over some of the administrative burden from health-care workers, allowing more resources for treating patients, he added. The commanders will take no decisions nor make any recommendations concerning professional issues of a medical nature, Lakatos said.

He noted that curfew restrictions in force from Saturday allow certain opportunity to leave home, but reminded people that this doesn’t mean everybody can gather in the open or use public spaces. The goal remains to reduce the speed at which the virus spreads through social distancing, he added. Fielding a question, Lakatos said police concentrated on enforcing curfew restrictions at markets and shopping centres on Saturday, the first day they were in force. Feedback was positive: people understand the importance of social distancing and of allowing people 65 and over to shop during designated periods, he added. The curfew restrictions prohibit anyone but those who are 65 and over from doing shopping in supermarkets, pharmacies and stores that sell cosmetics and household products between 9.00 in the morning and noon.

Almost one-fifth of Hungarians especially vulnerable to Covid-19

Close to one-fifth of Hungarians are especially vulnerable to infection by Covid-19, a dossier of data related to the pandemic compiled by the Central Statistical Office (KSH) shows. The data show 19.3 percent of Hungary’s residents are 65 or older, a high-risk group for Covid-19. The number of 65-and-overs stands at 1.9 million. About three-tenths of them live alone, although that ratio is significantly higher in the Great Plains region, in Southern Transdanubia and in the capital. About 92,000 Hungarians 65 and older got help at home from their local council last year. Some 184,000 had meals provided for them.

Source and photo: MTI

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