Justice minister rejects “fake news” about Hungary

Justice Minister Judit Varga firmly rejected criticism of Hungary’s recent bill on coronavirus related measures, in a letter published by Politico on Friday, saying that “Europe’s hysterical reaction to emergency measures is evidence of double standards”.

“False claims about a power grab in Hungary are spreading as quickly as the coronavirus,” Varga said in the opinion section of the Brussels-based news outlet. Hungary has acted swiftly and decisively to contain the epidemic, the minister said. The government declared a state of emergency to protect the life and health of the country’s citizens, Varga said, noting that several other EU countries had enacted similar extraordinary measures.

She said that political attacks against the government are based on “an incorrect interpretation, or in some cases international distortion”, urging critics “to read first” the bill which is their subject. “The bill does not seek to remove democratic checks and balances,” Varga said, adding that Hungary’s parliament has the power to revoke at any time the authorisation the motion gives to the government.

She said that the authorisation given to the government is also limited, adding that the rule of law will not be “suspended”. The measures introduced in Hungary are “necessary, proportionate, and limited,” the justice minister said, calling on the EU to exercise equal and fair treatment and not to apply double standards.

Source: MTI
Photo: Facebook

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