Deneen meets Orban

Liberalism has failed because liberalism has succeeded, US political scientist Patrick J. Deneen, the author of Why Liberalism Failed told Hungarian news site, after speaking in at a conference in Budapest.

Deneen explained that the phenomenon called “populism” is the rebellion against global liberalism. He said Budapest is one of the most photogenic cities he has ever stayed in, he could imagine living in Hungary’s capital and pointed out that the most remarkable buildings of the city are those built in the “premodern era”, because people in the middle ages “had a clear idea about what’s beautiful, but we have lost it by now”.

Deneed told Mandiner that he had an hour-long meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orban who was very open:

“I was interested in what he says about the future of Hungary and its family policies. I was very much impressed by Viktor Orban’s personality, intellect, the way he sees the world and explains what he thinks. He told me that he spends one day a week with reading. It’s not only me he has met but also Rod Dreher or Yoram Hazony…I wonder how many other political leaders of the world find time for this. Impressive! I have learnt a lot and he told me he liked my book”.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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