Yair Netanyahu slams Soros NGOs at Budapest lecture

Israeli political commentator and adviser Yair Netanyahu spoke to the Hungarian press after his lecture at the House of Terror Museum on Tuesday. The Israeli Prime Minister’s son was speaking at an event upon the invitation of the 21st Century Institute.

According to Netanyahu, the activities of George Soros’s foundation and the NGOs it funds in Israel and on the territory of the Palestinian Authority is „devastating”. He told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap that the European Union and Soros are funding radical NGOs who focus on various issues but their common goal is to destroy Israel’s Jewish identity. Netanyahu warned that Soros’s network wants to destroy the national identities of European countries and the US as well. He suggested that conservatives should launch a counterattack and create their own network with the same resources.

Speaking to weekly Hetek, he said that neither his father, nor Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban tries to serve the globalist elites so they are facing the same kind of attacks. „We very Orban’s policy regarding Israel very much and that he protects the Hungarian Jewish community and the state of Israel in the EU”.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: Facebook

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