Opposition wins Budapest

Gergely Karacsony, the united opposition’s candidate won the seat of Budapest’s mayor at the local elections on Sunday. Opposition mayoral candidates won in most districts of Budapest, but Fidesz won in the majority of the cities with county rights and all the county councils.

Results in Budapest

A historic victory has taken place in Budapest, Gergely Karacsony said in his victory speech. “This victory is about a green and free Budapest,” the joint opposition candidate for the capital’s mayor said.

Karacsony said October 14 would mark the start of a new era for Hungary in its quest to regain its freedom. He said the victory was not his or the opposition parties’ but that of Budapesters who were fighting to win back the capital.

He noted that outgoing mayor Istvan Tarlos had phoned to congratulate him, and Karacsony said he had thanked Tarlos for his work in office to date. Karacsony pledged to put relations between the capital and the government on a new footing. He added that he would not be preparing for war but for even-handed cooperation with the Hungarian government.

Councils in Budapest and the counties

The results of the elections show that the ruling Fidesz alliance with the Christian Democrats is still Hungary’s strongest force, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at Fidesz’s campaign HQ. Orban said the election campaign had been “a tough, big and open political battle” as should be the case in a democracy based on a competition between parties.

He said that for the past nine years, the force representing the governing majority had taken the helm of Budapest. “But today residents of the capital have decided that something else comes next,” he added. “We’ll take this into consideration and, in the interests of the country and the people who live in Budapest, are ready to work together,” Orban said. Orban thanked voters in rural Hungary for putting their trust in the ruling party. “They can count on us in the future, too.”

Cities with county rights

Source and photo: MTI

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