US-Hungarian business cooperation a success story

Prime Minister Viktor Orban met Eric Stewart, the head of the US-Hungarian Business Council, and the members of a US business delegation in Budapest on Thursday, the prime minister’s press chief told MTI.

At the meeting, participants agreed that US-Hungarian business and defence cooperation was a success story, especially since bolstered by improving political ties under President Donald Trump’s administration. The US is the largest non-EU investor in Hungary, with some 1,700 companies employing 106,000 people, they said. The Hungarian state has strategic partnership agreements with 14 US firms. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto and Finance Minister Mihaly Varga also attended the event.

Stewart told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap that Hungary is attractive to US investors because of its low taxes, creative and hard-working people. He praised HIPA as one of the best agencies to help investment. According to Stewart, Hungary is focusing on IT, but there’s still a lot of potential in the security and energy sector. He stressed that President Donald Trump pays more attention to Central Eastern Europe than the Obama administration.

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal

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