Pollsters: Tarlos maintains lead

Incumbent Budapest Mayor Istvan Tarlos maintains his lead days ahead of Sunday’s local elections, holding 53 percent of the vote among decided voters, while joint opposition candidate Gergely Karacsony stands at 40 percent and independent Robert Puzser at 7 percent, the government-near Nezopont Institute said on Monday.

Among all Budapest voters, Tarlos has 49, Karacsony 29 and Puzser 7 percent of the vote, the pollster said. Nezopont conducted the poll by phone between October 3 and 6, on a sample of 500 people. Fully 67 percent expect Tarlos to win the election, while 18 percent puts Karacsony and 1 percent Puzser in first place, Nezopont said.

Independent and opposition pollsters came up with slightly different numbers. According to Iranytu Institute, among all voters Tarlos has 32, Karacsony 31 and Puzser 4 percents. Median‘s poll says that Tarlos in on 33 percent, Karacsony on 31 and Puzser on 5.

All pollsters agreed that the popularity of independent candidate and television celebrity Krisztian Berki is insignificant.

főpolgármester jelöltek MTI

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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