Orban: Rule of law in Hungary ‘matter of honour’

The issue of the state of the rule of law is not a legal one in Hungary, but rather one of honour, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said after talks with his Finnish counterpart in Budapest on Monday.

“Whenever someone questions us or the rule of law in Hungary, they’re stepping on our honour and I would advise them to think this over carefully,” Orban told a press conference held jointly with Antti Rinne. International relations are not built on the idea that “one country can insult the other”, but rather on mutual respect, Orban added.

“I don’t recommend getting to the point in Europe where a prime minister or one of their officials visits another country in the bloc to give them an earbashing on the issue of the rule of law, because that’ll lead to a lot of things, but not European unity,”

the prime minister said.

Building a better Europe is a common task, Rinne said. He told the press conference that he had discussed with Orban the tasks of Finland’s European Union presidency, including EU enlargement, Brexit and the budget.

He said he believed that measures against climate change and observing the principles of constitutionality must be preconditions for getting access to European Union funding.

Source: MTI
Photo: Facebook/Viktor Orban

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