Babis hopes the next Commission will be less political

“The European Council should have the most important role, it’s the coalition government of Europe, where all prime ministers and presidents are sitting, they should be the ones who decide,” Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap on the sidelines of the Budapest Demographic Summit.

Babis stressed that “the Commission should be the guardian of the treaties, but the last one acted as a political body”. He expressed his hope “that the approach of the next Commission will be different”.

“The V4 cooperation is excellent. We have concrete results, we have common views on migration, budget and climate too,”

the Czech prime minister said. Regarding migration, Babis said that big countries should play a role in ensuring security in the Middle East and Europe should also intensify its efforts.

“And then there’s the migration from Africa, which is mainly economic. We have to fight against the smugglers and we should have a concrete plan about how to help the people to stay in their own region,”

he said.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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