Szijjarto addresses Hungarian ambassadors

All future foreign policy decisions will continue to be determined by the Hungarian interest, Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, told Hungarian diplomats at a meeting in Budapest on Monday.

Szijjarto also said that pressure on Hungary was expected to mount over the next couple of months in light of the local election campaign in Hungary, as domestic political opponents seek help from abroad. He said pressure in connection with the rule of law would increase. “But we must carry on standing up for Hungarian interests,” the minister said.

Further, Szijjarto noted trade disputes around the world as yet an additional task for Hungarian foreign policymakers.

The minister said that exports hit record highs in each of the past five years, noting that their value topped 105 billion euros last year. Sustaining foreign investment momentum in Hungary is of primary importance in terms of maintaining economic growth, he said. Szijjarto underlined Hungary’s goal of producing economic growth of two percentage points above the EU average. Foreign trade will have a major role in achieving this goal, he added. For this reason, the government has restructured its investment incentives system, he said, noting that companies that improve their technology and produce more value-added are eligible for government support even if they do not expand headcount.

The minister also said Visegrad cooperation was ever more important in light of changes – and their associated heightened pressures – taking place in the global economy and on the world’s political stage.

Source and photo: MTI

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