Authority demands Facebook guarantees to protect users’ privacy

Facebook must provide written guarantees that it would not disclose the transcripts of users’ voice calls to third parties, or else Hungary’s data protection authority (NAIH) will ban the service provider from doing so, NAIH chief Attila Peterfalvi told MTI on Thursday.

Peterfalvi voiced his authority’s appreciation that Facebook has recently suspended the evaluation of such transcripts, but added that the guarantees Facebook has so far undertaken did not provide sufficient protection. He also added that the NAIH would participate in an investigation conducted by its counterpart in Ireland, where Facebook has its European headquarters.

Facebook on Tuesday admitted that it had contracted third parties to listen in on recorded voice calls. According to Peterfalvi, the NAIH has not received complaints from Facebook users as yet. The authority has issued a statement too on the topic.

Last week, Justice Minister Judit Varga said that finding ways to regulate the excessive power of multinational technology companies will be one of the biggest challenges of the coming decades. The justice ministry will set up a work group to review issues such as the boundaries of freedom of expression and the censorship exercised by big tech companies such as Facebook and Google, as well as taxation and data protection, she said.

Source and photo: MTI

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