Poll: Ruling parties maintain massive lead

The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance has maintained its massive lead ahead of the opposition parties, a poll conducted by the Nezopont research institute showed.

The ruling parties would win a general election, if held on Sunday, with a 52 percent support among decided voters, according to the poll commissioned and released by daily Magyar Nemzet on Monday.

The leftist-liberal Democratic Coalition (DK) and Momentum would garner 11 percent of the votes, respectively, in this group, the poll showed.

Conservative Jobbik was backed by 9 percent and Socialist-Parbeszed by 7 percent of the respondents. The satirical Two-tailed Dog party was supported by 4 percent, LMP by 3 percent and radical nationalist Mi Hazank by 2 percent.

Among all voters, support for the ruling parties remained practically unchanged, at 41 percent. DK and Jobbik were supported by 7 percent each, while Momentum was backed by 6 percent and Socialist-Parbeszed by 5 percent.

Nezopont conducted the poll by asking 5,000 voting-age adults in person between July 2 and 9.

Source: MTI

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