Justice minister: Central Europe must be respected

We still have many battles to fight, Hungary’s new minister of justice, Judit Varga told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap in a recent interview.

According to Varga, who used to be the state secretary responsible for EU relations, the restructuring which has moved EU affairs to her ministry makes perfect sense. She said it’s important that the government can represent its EU policies with a strong legal background.

Varga called the rule-of-law procedure against Hungary a political attack, stressing that “pro-immigration forces are attacking Hungary because Hungarians decided that they don’t want their homeland to become a country of immigrants”. Regarding the attempts to create a new rule-of-law mechanism, she stressed that “the wheel doesn’t have to be reinvented, we have the necessary tools, Article 7, the infringement procedures”.

The minister rejected the attempts to link EU cohesion funds to rule-of-law conditions, adding that this is against the treaties and creates double standars anyway. Regarding Ursula von der Leyen’s election to become the president of the European Commission, Varga said that already her nomination has showed that the influence of the Visegrad states has increased. “Central Europe must be respected, this should be the moral of this story for the failed candidates, Frans Timmermans and Manfred Weber,” she said.

Source: Magyar Hirlap
Photo: Facebook

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