Scandal over Fidesz’s committee nominations

Hungarian MEPs Tamas Deutsch and Kinga Gal (ruling Fidesz) as well as Istvan Ujhelyi (Socialist) have been elected vice chairpersons of committees of the European Parliament.

According to an EP statement published on Wednesday, Deutsch has been made fourth vice chairman of the budgetary control committee, Gal has been given the post of second vice chairperson of the security and defence policy committee, while Ujhelyi is third vice chair of the transport and tourism committee.

In the case of three other Fidesz MEPs the decision was postponed.

The European Parliament’s S&D and Renew Europe groups announced that they won’t support candidates of Hungary’s ruling party and MEPs of the Hungarian left-wing and liberal parties said that they were actively campaigning against the Fidesz MEPs.

Government spokesman Istvan Hollik slammed Hungary’s opposition MEPs for their attempts to block the ruling alliance’s MEPs from obtaining leadership positions on the European Parliament’s committees. Speaking to reporters in Budapest, Hollik called the situation “unprecedented”, accusing the “pro-migration Hungarian opposition” of acting against the will of the Hungarian people and national interests.

“Hungary has a clear interest in having vice-chairs on as many EP committees as possible,” Hollik said. The spokesman accused the MEPs of the Democratic Coalition, the Socialists and the Momentum Movement of “openly scheming” to prevent the appointment of the ruling parties’ MEPs to committee leadership positions. He said that by doing so, the opposition was “going against the will and representation of the Hungarian people”.

Hollik noted that in the May EP elections, Hungarians had voted to give the majority of the country’s European parliamentary seats to the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance, which won 53 percent of the vote. He said that Fidesz-KDNP’s 13 seats had earned them a total of five committee vice-chair nominations within the European People’s Party.

The EP delegation of Fidesz-KDNP issued an equally criticial statement later today.

Source: MTI, Hungary Journal
Photo: EP


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