“Merkel has no vision”

“Angela Merkel is very good at keeping power, at outmaneuvering her rivals. But she has no ideas, no vision, no knowledge of history or the world,” Maria Schmidt, director of the House of Terror museum in Budapest told The Gateway Pundit.

According to the historian, Merkel “could stay in power 10 more years, or months, but history will not remember it any more than already. Because she stands for nothing”. “History will remember two things about Angela Merkel: That she let two million illegal migrants in and destroyed Germany, and that she failed to salvage the economy of Europe after 2008,” she added.

“A politician should be a leader, and give the people direction. But she’s the opposite. She’s a follower,”

Schmidt said. She reminded that when Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban “first said in 2015 that we will build a fence and not let illegal migrants in, that was very unpopular in Western Europe. Everyone was against him. But he stood by his position. And people now see that he was right. If you say something and retract it, you’ve lost. You can never be right that way. That’s what Merkel does”.

“Under Angela Merkel, Germany has become a new East Germany. She’s a real disaster. Germany used to be a land of Romantics. Schiller, Heine, Beethoven. Today, there is no culture and no heart. If I quote Goethe they have no idea. Why are German people like that? I don’t give interviews to the German press anymore. They just write terrible things about you”.

In the interview Maria Schmidt spoke about George Soros and Benjamin Netanyahu too.

Source: Hungary Journal, The Gateway Pundit
Photo: MTI

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