Peterson warns of dangers of multiculturalism

Well-known Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson held lecture at the Brain Bar festival in Budapest on Thursday and gave several interviews to the Hungarian press.

After explaining the deeper meaning of his “Clean your room!” advice, Peterson discussed with that he still considers himself liberal, because the individual holds responsibility, but he is conservative to a certain extent, because he’s sceptical about radical changes. He criticised the left side for believing in the utopia that group identity is above everything, which is – according to him – a return to tribalism, and tribal societies are very dangerous. Peterson explained that the world – in general – is multicultural, it’s full of wars and destruction, so it wouldn’t be wise to import all of this into our societies.

He told daily Magyar Nemzet that there’s no proof that Islam is compatible with democracy and that he couldn’t mention a positive example of a successful, independent muslim democracy.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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