Nicolas Bay: We won a referendum against Macron

The traditional centrist parties have been disappointing the people for too long, and Emmanuel Macron’s policies have shown the real division in France: globalists, federalists vs. sovereignists who support nation states and democracy, Nicolas Bay the secretary general of National Rally told Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap.

According to Nicolas Bay, 44 percent of the yellow vests voted for his party in the European election because they have always been closed to their aims. He said that Macron had turned the election into a referendum against himself and the NR clearly won it.

Bay said that the French president has less and less allies in Europe, he has turned even Angela Merkel against himself. He added that Macron is particularly weak when compared to great powers such as the USA or China.

Regarding the European Parliament he said RN and its allies – among others the Lega, the Vlaams Belang and the Austrian Freedom Party – are ready to cooperate with parties which share the vision of a Europe of nations built on cooperation and protection.

Source: Hungary Journal

Photo: EP

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