Orban optimistic on election day

Prime Minister Viktor Orban cast his ballot in the European parliamentary election at a polling station in Budapest’s western District 12 on Sunday morning.

The prime minister voiced hope that the election would strengthen “anti-migration forces” and that their political leaders would have a greater role in Europe in the next five years.

“Both in terms of voter turnout and our chances I am more than optimistic,” Orban said. The migrant crisis has greatly changed the world since the last election in 2014, which could be manifested in higher participation in the election, he said, and encouraged voters to contribute.

Orban said the election would greatly impact domestic politics, too, and added that “I would like to see today’s election results as a point of reference for long years to come”.

Orban was asked about the Strache-affair too, and said that he now prefers the “Italian model” as the Austrian one – the cooperation of EPP-member ÖVP and the eurosceptic FPÖ – doesn’t exist anymore. Regarding whether he accepts Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s offer to join his alliance, Orban said that the issue of immigration changes the status quo in Europe, but it’s still a big question of the future with whom he will join forces.

Source: MTI/Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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