Fidesz wins the European election

Fidesz alliance with the Christian Democrats won the European Parliament election with 52.14 percent amid a higher-than-projected turnout in Sunday’s vote.

Results with 99.9 percent of the votes counted:

FIDESZ-KDNP – 1,777,757 votes (52.14 percent)
DK – 554,286 (16.26 percent)
MOMENTUM – 338,314 (9.92 percent)
SOCIALISTS-PARBESZED – 227,786 (6.68 percent)
JOBBIK – 219,539 (6.44 percent)
MI HAZANK – 113,529 (3.33 percent)
TWO-TAILED DOG PARTY – 89,635 (2.63 percent)
LMP – 74,554 (2.19 percent)
HUNGARIAN WORKERS’ PARTY – 14.385 (0.42 percent)

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, reflecting on his Fidesz party’s victory, said Hungarians had entrusted the ruling alliance with three objectives: to stop immigration across Europe, to protect a Europe of nations and to protect Christian culture in Europe.

Orban said that it was now clear that Hungarians think that change is needed in Brussels. Leaders who represent the interests of European people and who respect Europe’s nations are needed, he said. Also leaders “who are proud of our two-thousand-year-old Christian culture” are in demand, Orban added.

He said the interests of Hungary would always be put first in Brussels and cooperation would be sought with those who want to stop immigration. Orban said that with the high turnout Hungary had proven that “it is a European nation, a European country, that our place is in Europe, that Europe is our home, too, and so we want to change it.”

The prime minister expressed his gratitude to his party’s voters and supporters. He called the election a “big, one-time-only chance to unify the nation”, arguing that ethnic Hungarian communities “will also be there with us in Brussels and we will be representing the interests of the entire Hungarian nation together”.

“For us, Hungary will come first in Brussels, too, and we will cooperate with everyone who wants to stop immigration,” Orban said. “Today we showed that Hungary is strong because Hungarians are united. In the years ahead, the aim will be to preserve this grand unity. I promise you that we will do everything we can to achieve this,” the prime minister concluded.

The leader of the Socialist Party called the result “a failure” for the opposition. Bertalan Toth, who was the Socialist-Parbeszed alliance’s list leader, noted at a press conference that the two parties’ joint campaign had resulted in a single mandate. However, the party’s board has decided unanimously to press ahead with the autumn local elections without any changes, he said.

The national board of the opposition green LMP party resigned after the party failed to secure a single mandate. Lorant Laszlo Keresztes, the party’s co-leader, told a press conference that the only positive aspect of the election had been LMP putting climate change, “a real and burning issue”, at the heart of the campaign.

The leader of the Momentum Movement, which made a breakthrough by securing almost 10 percent of the vote, said his opposition party must put health care, education and people’s livelihoods at the centre of its mission. Andras Fekete Gyor told jubilant supporters that Momentum was the only party able to provide real solutions to real problems.

Democratic Coalition (DK) leader Ferenc Gyurcsany said it had never been in doubt that the ruling Fidesz party would win the election but the result was significant insofar as Fidesz would have lost its two-thirds majority had the ballot been a general election.

Source and photo: MTI

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