Verhofstadt greeted with protests in Budapest

The head of the European Parliament’s liberal group (ALDE), Guy Verhofstadt visited Budapest on Thursday to hold campaign events and press conferences with the Momentum party ahead of the European elections.

The Belgian politician held a „street forum” with Katalin Cseh, the small Hungarian liberal party’s leading candidate. According to Verhofstadt, the question of the elections is whether „populist nationalists” including Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban can win the elections or there will be an alternative for Europe. He stressed that Hungary’s problem is not immigration but emigration, as 500.000 young people have left the country, but the biggest problem is Orban himself. The street forum was disturbed by the activists of the Generation Identity, who told Verhofstadt that „our Europe is not your Union”.

The Belgian politician attended another public event with Momentum-chairman Andras Fekete-Gyor, where he was disturbed by far-right activists.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: Facebook/Momentum Mozgalom

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