Opposition reacts to Strache affair

The opposition Socialists’ candidate for the European Parliament called for the removal of the “far right financed from Russian money” and the construction of a democratic, social Europe at a press conference on Sunday.

Tibor Szanyi said Fidesz had “drifted to the far right” and was steering Hungary in the same direction. He said Europe’s far-right parties all have a common characteristic: they keep “affectionate Russian ties” the purpose of which is to attack and tear Europe apart. Szanyi called Prime Minister Viktor Orban an “opportunistic right-winger” who takes the political stand for financial reasons, rather than out of conviction. Commenting on the scandal leading to early elections in Austria, he said the mere mention of the thing that had brought down the government there “is an everyday reality in Hungary”.

Bence Tordai of Parbeszed, which has struck an alliance with the Socialists, said Europe has a shared responsibility to determine whether to allow “Putin’s Russia” to drive a wedge between member states or to build a strong, cohesive and social continent.

Opposition conservative Jobbik is initiating the establishment of an investigation committee to determine whether there are any Hungarian ties to the Strache affair, party spokesman Gyorgy Szilagyi said at a press conference. Jobbik also wants parliament’s national security committee to meet as soon as possible to discuss the matter, Szilagyi said. He noted that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had met with former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache earlier in May.

Szilagyi said Strache had brought himself down, “and Viktor Orban, too”, as ” Strache wanted to put Austria’s biggest tabloid in the service of the Freedom Party of Europe, following the example of Hungary, at a corrupt talk with an oligarch”. He said if the matter brought Strache’s downfall, there should be consequences, too, for the “already operating system” in Hungary.

Szilagyi raised the questions of whether Russia was involved in the establishment of the Hungarian system, whether the contract for an upgrade of the Paks nuclear power plant or the relocation of the “Russian spy bank” to Hungary may have played a role in the matter. He said a parliamentary committee should also determine whether Heinrich Pecina, with whom Orban met, and who bought a number of national newspapers, is “the Russians’ strawperson”.

Source and photo: MTI


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