Orban can fall sooner than we think – economist

According to Oxford-based Hungarian economist Peter Rona the Hungarian opposition will pay a big price if it follows the “tradition” of expecting external help. He told daily Nepszava that “the Orban system could fall sooner than many people think”.

Despite the patriotic slogans, the Orban government serves the international capital even more, than its socialist predecessors, the significant GDP growth comes solely from international capital and EU funds, Rona said, adding that the “state-level corruption” blocks Hungary from reaching the EU level, it hinders the competitiveness and growth as well. “It’s tragic,” he stated. According to the economist, it’s unlikely that China or Russia can take the place of the EU markets in Hungary’s trade.

The Orban system is “the enemy of knowledge,” and if Hungary can’t keep up with the quickly changing world, it will end up on the periphery. According to Rona, “one-person dictatorships” always fall, quickly than many would expect. “Bad decisions have unavoidable consequences, and today in Hungary many bad decisions have been made,” he added.

Source: Hungary Journal

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