Hungarian opposition EP top candidate: We have to support Chancellor Kurz’s plans

According to the vice-president and EP top candidate of Jobbik, Hungarians should support Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, because he understands correctly the problems and challenges of the continent and the EU, while the Orban government is pushing closer to a dictatorial system.

Marton Gyongyosi wrote in his Facebook post on Tuesday afternoon that the Austrian Chancellor sent an important message to Viktor Orban, and Fidesz has become “clearly pro-immigration”, because “in 2016-2017, in two years 15 thousand unregistered migrants were caught on the Austrian-Hungarian border”.

Jobbik supports the Austrian chancellor’s idea about the updating of the Lisbon Treaty. The party’s EP top candidate reminded that Jobbik has spoken several times about the shortcomings and exaggerations of the Lisbon Treaty.

“Chancellor Kurz spoke from our heart, and on May 26 we can choose between the blockheads and the responsible policies. Don’t let Hungary end up on the wrong side in the EU because of the irresponsible madnesses of the Orban government. Jobbik stands for predictable everyday life and sober-minded policies,”

Marton Gyongyosi wrote at the end of his post, which he ended with a message to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: he can rely on Jobbik’s representatives.

Conservative Jobbik, liberal Momentum and green LMP held campaign forums together in big European cities and urged people to vote in the European elections. According to the three opposition parties, it’s crucial to counterbalance the extremist Orban government in European politics.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI

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