Gyurcsany’s questionable relations to Russia

Hungarian news site Valasz Online wrote serious allegations regarding Ferenc Gyurcsany’s time in government (2004-2009), which the opposition politician denies.

According to Valasz Online, recently emerged documents – used in the so-called spy case – prove that while Gyurcsany was the prime minister, members of the Russian secret service entered the headquarters of the Hungarian national security, posing as EU experts and the US services also knew it. They also wrote that Gyurcsany moved parts of Hungary’s strategic oil company, MOL into Russian sphere of influence. According to the article, the left-liberal politician had even closer relations to Russian President Vladimir Putin than Hungary’s current leader, Viktor Orban.

In a letter to Valasz Online, Ferenc Gyurcsany – who is now the president of an opposition party, Democratic Coalition – called the allegations “obvious lies”.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: MTI


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