Hungary contributes to Notre Dame reconstruction

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has sent a message of condolences to French President Emmanuel Macron and Archbishop Eric de Moulins-Beaufort of Reims, president of the French bishops’ conference, over the fire that devastated the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on Monday, the PM’s press chief said.

Orban said the cathedral was a symbol to every Christian and a “shared refuge of our faith”. The prime minister praised the “heroic efforts” of French firefighters in putting out the flames and “saving one of the symbols of European Christianity from complete devastation”. Orban wished France strength and asked for God’s blessing for the cathedral’s reconstruction.

Budapest is ready to contribute to the reconstruction of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris which was heavily damaged by fire on Monday, Mayor Istvan Tarlos said in a letter to Anne Hidalgo, his Parisian counterpart.

“Notre Dame is an important symbol to us all and an important piece of universal Christian faith and culture,” Tarlos said in his letter. “With Easter approaching… unity and cohesion carry an even more important message,” the mayor added. Budapest will do everything it can to support the refurbishment of Notre Dame to the best of its ability, Tarlos wrote.

Asked by MTI how much the Budapest city council would contribute, Tarlos declined to specify the amount and argued that one “does not wave around the money he puts into the donation box in church, either”. Tarlos said the capital’s contribution was not a “political move” but more of a “spiritual” question.

Further Hungarian towns such as Szeged, Debrecen, Szekesfehervar, and Veszprem also announced that they will contribute.

Source: MTI
Photo: Pexels

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