“The EU needs a European public broadcaster”

Hungarian social scientist Istvan Teplan urges the establishment of a European public media company in a guest article for Austrian daily Die Presse.

According to the former vice-president of the Central European University, press freedom is under attack in several European countries, for example in Hungary where “media pluralism has disappeared”. Teplan writes that by establishing one central media group which is not subordinated to the rules of economic competition, a free press has completely disappeared in Hungary.

The social scientist adds that national media in Europe is full of anti-EU propaganda and fake news, and the problem is too big to be solved on a national level. Teplan stressed that the EU has a great responsibility and it should establish a European Public Broadcasting and New Service (EPBNS).

He added that Europe struggles from an identity crisis and European public broadcaster would offer a great possibility to strengthen European culture and identity. According to Teplan, the establishment of the EPBNS is essential for the EU to strengthen its global relevance.

Source: Hungary Journal

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