GI leader urges stricter migration policies

“Fidesz has abandoned our generation,” the leader of Generation Identity’s Hungarian branch, Abel Bodi told Hungarian news site Alfahir.

According to Bodi, non-right wing movements and parties are getting popular among the youth in Hungary and before the GI there has been no alternative on the right side: he referred to Fidesz’s youth wing as a training institution for future party cadres and said that far-right organisations are sidetracking politics.

Regarding the Hungarian government’s migration policy, he said they want Fidesz to be consistent: “if they say Hungary is a migrant-free zone then it should be one. But in the meantime, 4-5 mosques or houses of worship have been established, including Central Europe’s largest mosque in Budapest’s 11th district”.

“Hungary and Europe should follow Australia’s NO WAY policy,”

Bodi stressed.

The GI-leader said he didn’t vote for Fidesz in the last parliamentary elections, but he heavily criticised the opposition parties. He named Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto as his favourite Fidesz-politician, because Szijjarto is “a real Western-type politician, he’s fearless and has excellent communication skills, tremendously lectures the hostile Western press when he’s asked about migration”. Bodi also mentioned State Secretary Tristan Azbej, who’s doing important work with the Hungary Helps programme to protect persecuted Christians.

He said they’re “brothers in arms” with Martin Sellner, the co-founder of the Austrian GI whose apartment was searched because Brenton Tarrant, who later perpetrated a terrorist attack in New Zealand, donated money to the well-known youtuber. According to Bodi, Austria’s should be grateful to have an activist like Sellner who is humble, reliable and incredibly professional.

Bodi spoke about the Defend Europe missions that significantly contributed to the introduction of stricter and safer border regimes and migration policies in Europe. He stressed the importance of helping people in their homelands and regions instead of encouraging them to migrate to Europe.

“Using weapons against innocent people is the most disgusting thing I can imagine,”

he said about the terrorist attack in Christchurch, stressing that the Generation Identity has never used or encouraged violence. Bodi also criticised the mainstream liberal press for using the Christchurch shooting to attack the whole right side from Sellner to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Source: Hungary Journal
Photo: Balazs Beli/

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