Szijjarto: The battle is not over

Hungary should be proud that it rejected the United Nations’ migration compact, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Friday, adding, at the same time, that “the battle is not yet over”.


Addressing the official unveiling of ruling Fidesz’s European parliamentary election programme, Szijjarto said it had now become “clear” that the inflow of illegal migrants faced by Europe in 2015 had been “part of a well-conceived plan” to organise a “global population exchange”.

He said international organisations like the United Nations also had parts to play in the plan, adding that the UN’s role had been to legalise illegal migration through its global migration compact.

Though Hungary rejected the compact, Brussels “will do everything it can” to make the document mandatory for the European Union’s member states “and decide in our place whom we should allow in and whom we should live together with”, Szijjarto said.

Source and photo: MTI

“We won’t allow this,” the minister said, adding that this was what voters needed to make clear in the EP elections.

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